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It is a family brand. There are UNGERT Elevators, UNGERT Materials, UNGERT Forwarding and other companies in our big family. Different areas, different business models and different structures. What do they all have in common? First of all, people! Priority of experience, which is over formalities; creative approach and strong desire of creativity; responsibility for given promises are key values for this brand!
It is easy to manifest values. But only fulfilment of these values in daily life shows tangible results.
Head office:
Room 1207A, 12/F, OfficePlus@Prince Edward,
No. 794-802 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

15 July 2011
«UNGERT Elevators»
Manufacture of elevators. Russia.
13 August 2013
«UNGERT Materials»
Supply of high quality contemporary decorative materials and sanitary ware. Russia.
27 June 2014
«UNGERT Forwarding»
International freight forwarding.